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A Feeling of Fullness

Review by Robin Glazer, cancer survivor; Executive Director, The Creative Center

Wilhelmina Grant has provided women everywhere with a true story of creativity and courage — and in the "cancer world," those words are rarely combined.  Finding her own inner strength, coupled with a remarkable curiosity about EVERYTHING, including all the flotsam and jetsam of life, Wilhelmina has not only created an artistic world for herself, but has opened her heart and hands to anyone who will take the risk to create.   Many have followed in her footsteps and have become artists themselves under her guidance — all the while coming to terms with the scariest three words in the English language:  “You have cancer.”   It is Wilhelmina's strong belief in the power of creativity to heal the spirit that will resonate with others in similar challenging situations.

This book can be called a memoir, but a more apt description would be “a call to action” to all the women who should read it and seize the day — or the paintbrush, glue and scissors!   Wilhelmina Grant is a rock star in both the cancer support community AND the art world!

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